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More conferences
We are getting ready for the summer conference season and so far we are looking to give away tickets to:

  • EkoParty (Argentina)
  • PoC (Korea)

We are currently looking into sponsoring events from all over the world, got any suggestions? let me know.

PoC (Korea)
If you had a chance to attend last year's PoC you will know how committed we are to this event. This year we have decided to take it one step further, we will be doing an exploit / vulnerability contest with cash prizes which will make your effort to attend and prove yourself worthwhile. More details will be provided as we get closer to the event.

CoreLan Training
Congratulations to our researchers that won an entry to the upcoming CoreLan training course, one of them will be attending the HiP training event. I am eagerly waiting to hear about it. We will be looking to giving out similar prizes to our researchers. So please let me know if you have suggestions on similar courses/training we should consider.

Bounty Hunt
Thank you all for sending in your Mozilla Firefox submissions. The bounty still stands, so please go ahead and keep submitting if you have anything interesting. See below the description and details:

Mozilla Firefox bounty
Firefox vulnerabilities:

We are looking for the following issues under Windows 7:

  • Remote Code Execution
  • Information Disclosure

The vulnerabilities may be found in any part of the Firefox project, including:

  • Core engine
  • JS engine
  • Objects related engines (MathML, SVG, etc.)
  • Third party modules (sqlite3, libimg, etc.)
  • Anything that is compiled into Firefox by default!

Researcher Compensation Plan
A reminder that we are now offering a "committed researcher plan", where you get a growing bonus on the 2nd vulnerability, 3rd vulnerability, and so on. If you have sold more than one vulnerability to us since 2013, you are entitled to receive a bonus payment for your efforts.

As usual, contact me for more details about any of the above.


Noam Rathaus

SSD program home page

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