SecuriTeam Secure Disclosure Newsletter 3

Securiteam Secure Disclosure News:

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are having a lovely summer vacation.

I have had the good fortune of seeing a few of you in HiTB, it is always a pleasure to meet the faces behind the emails/handles.

We are going to try and get more tickets for to the following conferences:

  • Xcon (Mid August 2014)
  • BlackHat (Early August 2014)
  • Kiwicon (Early Nov 2014)
  • NoSuchCon (Mid Nov 2014)

I got a few requests already for free entry tickets for those events, those that have not yet sent such a request, let me know if you are interested. The free entry includes both an entry ticket as well as up to 1000$ USD in travel expenses.

Last, but not least, our current customers' interest scope is:

  • Privileges Escalation in:
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Linux PE
  • Vulnerabilities in Ubuntu Desktop services/programs
  • Dropbear SSH
  • Web applications:
    • Roundcube post/pre-auth RCE
    • pre-authentication for Roundcube, Zimbra, Squirrelmail, MailEnable, Joomla, Wordpress, Plesk, cPanel
    • Privileges Escalation for Plesk, cPanel
    • File Disclosure for Zimbra, MailEnable, Plesk, cPanel

Thank you all and have a nice summer vacation.

Noam Rathaus
Beyond Security

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