SecuriTeam Secure Disclosure Newsletter 6

Securiteam Secure Disclosure News:

Hi Everyone,

I have some exciting news to share with you (at short notice):

In addition to sponsoring:

  • SyScan (Singapore)
  • Infiltrate (Miami, USA)
  • HiTB (Amsterdam)

We will also be sponsoring:

  • Wahckon (Australia)
  • Ekoparty (Argentina)
  • Shakacon (Hawaii)

If any of you are looking to go to these events, shoot me an email, as always we will be offering you an entry ticket as well as flight fare of up to 1,000$ USD

We are currently looking into sponsoring:

  • 44Con (London)
  • PoC (South Korea)
  • OWASP AppSecEU (Amsterdam)

If any of you is looking to participate in any of these three events, let me know, it would be a good incentive for us to sponsor them.

Also, if you are aware of a local event that you plan on going, send me an email and I'll see if we can get you an entry ticket.

We are expanding our security vulnerabilities focus to new and different products, so we will be still buying vulnerabilities in a wide range, but also expanding to these new types of solutions which should allow new researchers to join our program.

If you know of anyone that does security research, have him join our program and we will give you 1,000$ USD for every new researcher that joins our vulnerability disclosure program.

Our new focus is cloud services/big social network websites and applications.

Some of the interesting sites we are seeking vulnerabilities in include (but are not limited to): Google, Facebook, Telegram, Hotmail, Twitter, Paypal

The type of vulnerabilities we are looking for (but not limited to): Cross Site Scripting, Authentication bypass/problems, Token issues, Client RCE (e.g. Android Application)

Looking forward to your feedback!

Noam Rathaus
Beyond Security

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