Beyond Security Scales with AWS

Exponential growth? No problem!

AVDS-I Scanning Capacity Unbound

Beyond Security vulnerability assessment products have been in use around the world since the year 2000 and are now in use around the world and in every industry and level of government.

Vulnerability Assessment is a fundamental security tool that is an important component to every security plan and is required in every security compliance standard. Automated Vulnerability Detection System (AVDS) is now a product line that that includes applications for every company size, from a single web site or blog page ( up to Fortune 100 companies that may have hundreds of business units spanning the globe.

With the addition of AVDSI to the product line Beyond Security now has a SaaS deployment that provides the complete feature set used by our largest customers to every company, regardless of its size or scanning requirements. Beyond Security provides access to the AVDS scanning controls and the customer can use them to scan web sites, network resources, produce compliance reports (including PCI) and penetration testing tools - all from one interface.

Amazon Web Services has been selected to provide the infrastructure for AVDS cloud-based services for its customers who opt for our hosted solution. It was the rapid and simple deployment of additional capacity that allowed our expansion of hosted services to match the demand.

"Beyond Security has been leveraging AWS's infrastructure to facilitate our growth and provide our users with fast, scalable and secure solutions. We have literally moved all our hardware infrastructure to the AWS cloud and that gives us enormous flexibility to service our customers better. "-Aviram Jenik, CEO

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