Hamid Karimi Joins Beyond Security Management Team

Hamid Karimi Joins Beyond Security Management Team

Cupertino, 30 Sep 2016

Beyond Security, a leader in Vulnerability Assessment and security testing tools, today announced the appointment of Hamid Karimi as the global vice president of business development and OEM reporting to the CEO. Karimi brings 27 years of high-tech experience at both private and public companies to Beyond Security, including successful business development and product leadership stints at SCO, 3Com, nCipher, Deepnines, OPSWAT, Fortinet and Bitdefender.

Karimi had a ringside seat at SCO in August 1994 when the first ecommerce transaction took place and PizzaNet was born; he was the pre-standard product manager for IEEE 802.1X at 3Com. In 2004-2005, while at nCipher, he played a leadership role in introducing the first key management server as well as evaluating Identity Management companies for M and A. In 2011 at Fortinet, Karimi introduced the company's vulnerability assessment product on virtual platforms. Lastly in the past 4 years at Bitdefender, he forged strategic OEM partnerships with a wide range of security, SaaS and networking companies.

Despite spending billions of dollars annually on endpoint and network security, most organizations remain highly vulnerable to information breach and operational disruptions mostly because they fail to address vulnerabilities. Hardened software combined with automated on-demand vulnerability scanning not only drastically reduces the attack surface and shifts the costs against the attackers but also offers compliance fast track. We must deconstruct the common perceptions of security risk analysis and mitigation.

"That's why I am excited to join the Beyond Security team. The company is a leader in software security, technology leader in the vulnerability assessment, compliance and security software test markets and has an experienced management team. We have an incredible opportunity to grow the company by helping our customers protect their business-critical information from devastating security breaches whilst achieving compliance through some of the most advanced automated toolkits. Deploying Beyond Security's solutions significantly reduces the attack surface early and is an effective, inexpensive way of avoiding costly compromises. Building lasting partnerships through OEM and technology alliances will be a strategic pivot for our company that will benefit both direct and indirect endusers", Karimi said.

Karimi holds a Bachelors degree in EE/computer engineering from the San Francisco State University, has actively participated in a number of industry forums such as IEEE, IETF, TCG, has written for security publications and advises venture capital firms on security investments.

About Beyond Security

Beyond Security's testing solutions accurately assess and manage security weaknesses in networks, web applications, industrial systems and networked software. We help businesses and governments improve and simplify their network and application security thus reducing their vulnerability to attack and data loss. Our product lines, AVDS (network and web application vulnerability management) and beSTORM (software security testing), will help you secure your network and applications, comply with your security policy requirements and exceed industry and government standards. For more information about Beyond Security see www.beyondsecurity.com or contact Brian Pearce at info@beyondsecurity.com

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